Welcome to Ridgemoor Swim Club: Your Destination for Summer Fun in Grand Rapids!

Welcome to Ridgemoor Swim Club!

For over five decades, families have been creating lasting memories and enjoying fun-filled summers at Ridgemoor Swim Club. We are excited to welcome you to another fantastic season of friendship, skill-building, and good times.

A Hidden Gem in Grand Rapids

Ridgemoor Swim Club is nestled in the beautiful southeast side of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Located in a picturesque neighborhood, just south of Burton and east of Breton, our club offers a serene and inviting atmosphere for all members.

Amenities for Everyone

At Ridgemoor Swim Club, we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of amenities to cater to the diverse needs and interests of our members. Whether you’re looking to swim laps, relax by the poolside, or entertain your little ones, we have something for everyone.

Our lap pool with a diving board is perfect for those seeking a refreshing swim and a bit of excitement. If you have young children, our kiddie pool offers a safe and enjoyable space for them to splash around and have fun.

When hunger strikes, our snack bar has you covered. Grab a quick bite or indulge in some delicious treats to fuel your energy for a day of swimming and socializing. And if you prefer to have a picnic, we have a spacious picnic area with grills where you can gather with family and friends for a delightful outdoor meal.

For the little ones who need a break from the water, our playground provides a safe and entertaining space for them to play and let their imaginations run wild.

A Community Hub for Over Forty Years

Ridgemoor Swim Club has been a beloved part of the local community for over forty years. Generations of families have come together here to create lasting memories and enjoy the best that summer has to offer.

Our club is not just a place to swim; it’s a hub of social activities and opportunities for personal growth. Join our swim team and experience the thrill of friendly competition while honing your swimming skills. Our experienced coaches will guide you every step of the way.

If you or your little ones are new to swimming or want to improve your technique, we offer swim lessons tailored to all skill levels. Our certified instructors will ensure that you feel confident and comfortable in the water.

At Ridgemoor Swim Club, we understand the importance of relaxation and unwinding. Our tranquil atmosphere provides the perfect backdrop for you to kick back, soak up the sun, and enjoy those hot summer days with family and friends.

So, whether you’re seeking an active summer of swimming and socializing or simply looking for a place to unwind and enjoy the outdoors, Ridgemoor Swim Club is the perfect destination for you and your family. We can’t wait to see you at the pool!

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